Outputs and Results

Through the establishment of relevant partnerships across the NPA region the CLIMATE project will lead to a change of attitudes in relation to how innovative solutions towards Climate Change Adaptation are developed and implemented by local and central government. In addition the project will complement the NPA programme strategy anticipated result of enhancing the capacity and preparedness of local and regional communities to handle the risks connected to climate change through the development of the risk register/preparedness scale and climate adaptation plan model for local, regional and central government. It is also envisaged that each region will build capacity to develop models which will protect, promote and deliver a new sustainable development culture. This knowledge transfer will be supported through innovation in terms of approach and in the potential they bring for change.

Project Outputs

1. Development of Climate Adaptation Plans for Local Authorities x 3 (DCSDC, Harnosand, Sundsvall)

2. Development of a portal for research and data (Basecamp)

3. Knowledge Hub

4. Pilot cloudburst strategy (Sundsvall)

5. Risk Register/Risk Assessment & Preparedness Scale for Local Authorities

6. Production of a Scientific Research Publication & Final Project Evaluation Report

7. International Conference Iceland 2020